a black and white ms paint comic. a character looks at a series of indecipherable graphs. the comic scrolls down into an underwater scene and then a giant cat overlord preying on the city. two characters speak with images on a phone. images of a knife, a garden and smoke concealing a person. hitachi magic wands and other sex toys emerge from the smoke below. the smoke turns into ghosts as the comic descends into a starscape. the stars form the pattern of a hitachi magic wand. the surface of a planet, too, is emblazoned with the image of a hitachi magic wand. there's a box containing a demon and blood is coming out. below that, a character looks at themselves and then there is blood across their body. they press their hands together and some sort of power starts to emanate. there's a close up on their face before a field of weird flowers appears. they're in the field showing the peace sign and wearing a VOID shirt.